Are You Guilty of Not Recycling Your Toner And Ink Cartridges?

Sign up to the GreenAgenda for an easy AND environmentally friendly solution to recycle your unwanted toner cartridges, ink cartridges, photocopiers, printers, laptops, mobile phones and other IT office equipment - Call us now on 0800 028 0656 or email info@greenagenda.co.uk for more information...We're waiting to hear from you!


Did you know that the conventional toner cartridge you use in your office printer, derives of approximately sixty separate components, which are all disposed of at the end of their lifecycle?

The recycling and remanufacturing of toner cartridges is an effective and sustainable response to the European WEEE Directive on the disposal of electrical waste. With the amount of hazardous waste being sent to landfill on a daily basis, GreenAgenda offer a simple solution to Scottish businesses like yourselves, who can work to adopt a greener policy, when it comes to reducing the number of toner cartridges and WEEE sent for disposal.

After looking for a greener, more environmentally friendly option for our empty cartridges, we came across an outstanding recycling division called GreenAgenda. This organisation is run in a professional and very efficient manner, and the best part was that there is no charge at all to our company. GreenAgenda simply provide us with boxes, we fill them and they arrange everything else, simple as that. I would have no problem at all in recommending Green Agenda to people who need a service like Green Agenda provide and if fact I have already recommended them to several colleagues who I felt would also benefit from their first class service.

Our organisation is extremely happy with the service provided by GreenAgenda and will continue to work alongside them to ensure our planet has a greener future.

Glasgow City Council


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